Commercial & Business Law

We are young + dynamic and will help you set the world on fire…

Our lawyers are savvy and have the perfect mix of experience and youth to provide you with cutting edge commercial and business advice.

We will be here for the long haul and will form a strong allegiance with you and your business.


We are well-placed to provide you with advice to avoid you making costly mistakes.

Our advice is sound, efficient and personalised.

Kelly Kelly Legal have advised large companies on complex transactions including development applications, put and call options, leases, land divisions, acquisitions and sales.


Kelly Kelly Legal understand the business, economic and financial aspects of deals. We often draft and provide advice in relation to contracts and key documents.

We are successful at adding value to our clients’ transactions.


In business, disputes are sometimes unavoidable and an inevitable part of the commercial world.

Kelly Kelly Legal will help you resolve disputes promptly and with minimal disruption to your business so that you can keep doing what you do best.

Download the documents below to assist with your planning:

KKL Trust Deed – Checklist and Client Instruction Sheet

KKL Commercial Lease- Checklist and Client Instruction Sheet