Conversation Station- Volunteers

~16 November 2017~


The latest Conversation Station tuned in on the topic of volunteering in Jamestown, and was attended by members of a variety of clubs and associations including the Royal Flying Doctors’ Service, APEX and the Jamestown Racing Club. Of our attendees, we were especially fortunate to be joined by Leith Cooper who had recently been commemorated for more than 50 years of charitable service in Jamestown.

At this Conversation, we spoke about the crucial role of volunteering in a small town, how new volunteers can be attracted, and what can be done to retain existing volunteers. We also discussed the value of local businesses supporting volunteers, and the recognition these businesses can get for their generous actions.

This was our last Conversation Station for the year and we look forward to picking this project up next year. A big thank you to everyone who attended and supported this initiative. Feel free to let us know about any ideas for future Conversation Stations.

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