As the world is thrown into a very new and unfamiliar territory with the Coronavirus pandemic there are many unknowns and this can be a very nervous and anxious time for people as they have very little control of the situation.

What we can do is focus on the things that we can control, such as self-isolating, looking after ourselves physically and mentally, checking in on our vulnerable family members and ensuring our personal documents are up to date such as your Will, Advance Care Directive and Power of Attorney. It’s also a good opportunity to ensure our elderly family members have these documents in place too.

A Will, Advance Care Directive and Power of Attorney are the three most important documents you can have to ensure your personal wishes are taken care of if you become sick or die. These documents are also a peace of mind to your family members as they are not forced to make these decisions for you. Not having a Will can cause considerable expense and delays in finalising your estate.

Some things for you to consider when making or updating your Will:

  • Do you have a clear plan in place if you or your partner dies?
  • Will your assets be distributed to the people you want?
  • Who will look after and raise your children, as their legal guardians?

You may have also had a change in circumstances which is also important to update or make a Will such as:

  • A change in relationship status;
  • If you have more children;
  • If you have disposed or acquired significant assets;
  • If you acquire significant debts;
  • If you have established a trust, company.

Our solicitors can provide informed and guided advice to assist with your planning.

At Kelly Kelly Legal, our solicitors are working remotely and only seeing clients when absolutely necessary. Our solicitors can speak with you over the phone or video conferencing technology such as Face Time and Zoom. We can email or post documents as required. We are taking the health of our staff, clients and community very seriously.


We encourage you to take the time to review your Estate Planning documents to ensure they are up to date and adequately reflect your current wishes.

Please contact our office on 8664 0179 to make a phone appointment with one of our solicitors.