What happens when you purchase something that just isn’t up to scratch?

Whether you bought a wheelbarrow with a broken wheel or a phone that won’t turn on, you are given a number of automatic protections under the Australian Consumer Law.

The Australian Consumer Law states that products you purchase must be of an acceptable quality. This means that what you buy needs to be safe, it needs to last, and it needs to be fit for purpose. Further factors that are considered in deciding if something is an acceptable quality is how much you paid for it, and how long you have had it, and how long you have been using it.

If something you have purchased isn’t of an acceptable quality, you are entitled to either a repair, a replacement, or a refund of your money. This entitlement will continue to be enforceable even if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

However, there are a number of exceptions and rules which apply to these protections. For example, if you damage a product by misusing it, then that damage may not be covered by the Australian Consumer Law Protections.

For further information about your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission provide lots of helpful online resources. Otherwise, you can also visit one of the solicitors at Kelly Kelly Legal who would be more than happy to discuss your rights with you.

This article was written by Daniel Sparrow.